Friday, July 24, 2009


Story of Panipat- Afghanistan King Abdali attacks India and wins over Delhi. To protect independence of India, Marathas decide to combat Abdali. Due to betrayals, religious divides, politics, lack of resources, Marathas were left powerless and had to either surrender or die.

Sadashiv Bhavu - maratha general - commander in charge is asked to surrender when all his resources are depleted. He replies " Everyone has to die. Whats a big deal about this 6 feet body. Success or failure does not matter much. What matters is the purpose for which you live - the reason for your existence on this earth. I am fighting to protect India from the foreign rule. In that purpose I will win or die. "

If Bhavu had surrendered succumbing to fear, Afghanistan king Abdali would have remained strong with intact forces. Sadashiv Bhavu fought till his death and reduced the power of Abdali to such an extent that he did not remain in any position to rule India. Abdali signed a treaty and ended the war.

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Ijaz said...

Whole artical is beautifully written, until I got to panipat. The three stages of life to Karma remarkable collection of words, however, Indian subcontinent is where the civilisation phase takes place and is the melting pot of different cultures and beliefs. No one race or group can claim it its own. The struggle for land is also part of an Illusion (MAYA). Well done on the whole it was a relavent piece of writting.