Monday, August 17, 2009

The Theory of Karma

Theory of karma:

Sorrow and worry are functions of ignorance unless you are not doing your duty. Loss or win does not matter. Doing duty does. Everything created will get destroyed. Each born will be dead. This is definite. There is no point in feeling sorry for the definite. Understand the truth. Human body dies. Soul is immortal. Current life is a part of the journey of the soul. You brought nothing when you were born. You will take nothing when you will die.

Duty is to fight against injustice. If you don't fight, you will be labeled as a coward. If you lose in that cause, it is worth losing. If you win then you can enjoy fruits of being a winner. Win or loss, sorrow and worry, life or death, happiness or sadness- leave everything and concentrate of doing duty. Profit or loss should not matter. Try to expand your thinking beyond that.

It is necessary to fight. Maya (illusion) makes you think that you are doing everything for yourself. You associate loss or win of the cause to your own self. That confuses you. You get worried about results. Sorrow touches you. Such sorrow and worry do not benefit you or the society, the present or the future. Doing right duty in itself is a win. Results are anyways not in your hands. You can only decide if you will fight or will not fight for the right cause. Even if you decide to fight, there is no guarantee of the success.

Without work, you cannot survive. We need material things to live this life. To earn these things you have to work. Not doing anything is anyways boring. You have to work. You have to decide whether you will do the right work- duty or not. So you have option of deciding what to do or not to do and whether to do or not to do. Result is not in your control.

If you are not attached to your win, you will not be afraid of your loss. If you compete thinking it as your duty, your struggle itself is a win. Do things as your duty. You have right on efforts, not results. Don't cross your boundaries. Just keep on doing right things. Cause is more important than the result. Cause itself should be worth. If you win, enjoy it. If you lose, be sure that it is worth losing in the right cause.

Right person tries to control his senses. Senses make you greedy. Lust is never satisfied. That makes you angry. Anger hurts logic. Once logic is affected, person loses the sight of what makes him happy. Your senses control you instead of you controlling your senses. Right person also is attracted towards these senses. But the right person knows the right things and controls his senses and does not cross his limits. He becomes master of his life instead of life being master of him. Right person controls his senses, not kill them. Right person knows his options and redirects all his senses towards the right destination. He does not give free pass to his senses. He lives his life as a knowledgeable person.

Introverts try to dig in themselves to search for God. Extroverts do work to reach God. But even introverts have to work in finding the value of life.

Results affect the person’s work. Person fails to see the big picture and why and how his efforts will benefit this world. He concentrates on his own win or loss and not with the cause for which he is fighting and living his life. So suddenly win or loss becomes magnanimously important for the person. All this is the result of the Maya (illusion). Maya makes you live your life for selfish reasons. If you are gifted with strengths and power and if you do your work for selfish reasons and indulge in wrong behavior and acts, then normal people thinking you as their role model will be get enticed towards wrong acts and behavior. So you should try to think beyond your own self. It is not just the question of you- your win – your loss – your work. It is much bigger than that especially if you are a gifted and a fortunate one. If you use your strengths to do good and right things, normal people who follow you, when they will become fortunate and powerful, they will also do good work and thus benefit the society and the world. Thus it is the duty of powerful people to become correct role models by thinking beyond their own self and thus benefit this world.

Following your duty makes you free from all the sins. Maya makes you selfish and you do sins. If you can see beyond that and become knowledgeable, you can avoid doing sins. Body is controlled by senses. Senses are controlled by heart (emotions and feeling). Heart is controlled by mind. Mind is controlled by conscience and soul. Thus if you control your conscience and do the right thing for the soul, you can control your life.

Think beyond you own self- your happiness, sorrow, worry, profit, loss, ambition. Do the right thing. Your conscience knows it. Live your life for a greater cause. Not doing wrong things helps you remain in peace with your conscience. Doing right things makes you happy. Control your ignorance through knowledge.

Doubt, fear and greed degrade you. Doing right work and living for the right cause makes your life worth. You cannot become happy if you don’t do your duty. Results are not your problems. Your efforts are your problems, because efforts are in your control.

Thus become knowledgeable and believe in the theory of karma (karma yog- doing right work without thinking of results).

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Dr Sameer said...

If there is sorrow written in your destiny, you can hardly do anything about it. Don't blame the people and circumstances causing the sorrow. It was in your destiny and you have to suffer from it. Every life has death. Everything that rises falls down one day. We meet to depart from each other. Whatever you see in this world is fragile and will get destroyed sooner or later. There is nothing for which you should feel sorry.
Who have lived a life without a sorrow and a pain.

awesome song
bharat asks Ram to become king
Ram has to chose- be a king or continue vanvas
promise was given by his father not by him
. father is dead now
kaikayi is also ready to accept Ram as king
Inspite of having everything (offer of becoming a king)
Ram choses vanvas
he explains his reasoning in this song
it has a deep deep meaning
Ram explains karma yoga