Monday, November 30, 2009


Having the correct attitude is a key to the success. No matter what you do, what your sector is, what your profile is, if you have a positive mental attitude (PMA ), you are more likely to succeed. The PMA as explained by Professor Osborne contributes a lot to the success of the accomplished individuals. Faith and spirituality nurture confidence and attitude.

Doubt weakens confidence which affects attitude. Constant use of brain over heart dilutes the enthusiasm which sometimes results in lack of interest and joy in the work. In my view, if we follow our heart we can be very enthusiastic about what we are doing which helps with maintaining a PMA. If you are doing what you like and what you have passion for, then work does not remain work but it becomes your favorite activity. The chances of success would be exponentially high in such work. Following your heart also keeps you happy which improves your attitude and confidence. There is constantly a difference between one's real self and one's ideal self. The whole struggle is to travel from real to ideal, from a commodity to a differentiation. In the end what matters is how you feel about yourself and how happy you are !!!

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