Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Identity 3 rd Stage Phenomenon

The population of pune is around 50,00,000 (5 million). I am one of them. The population of Mumbai is around 200,00,000 (20 million). Who am I in this huge population. What is my identity? 5 million people make their living. Some earn less. Some earn more. People do job, buy flat, marry, raise kids. Everyone among 5 million probably does that. Then what is it that differentiates you from the rest? In other words what is your identity.

Thought a lot on it. I think people in India live their life in 3 stages.
1) Get well equipped
2) Make your living
3) Create your identity

In the first stage there is fierce competition in education to reach the top. Get a better degree. Perform well. Find a good job.

In the second stage, people buy flat, marry, raise kids and have a good married life.

In the third stage, people try to do something which is beyond their self and try to create an identity for themselves in the world full of commodities.

There is so much competition in the first stage that kids are over pressurized for the competitive performance. Each one gets equipped with his/her own set of education, training, experience, course and projects.

In the second stage, we get jobs. It is so difficult to get job if you are not among the so called extra ordinary people. One of my friends supposedly paid 8 lac (0.8 million) to get a job of 15000 per month. He poured in all of the retirement savings of his father. Somehow you get job. Then we strive hard to make our living. Get so called well settled in life. The struggle increases as time passes and you get better positions with better salaries in your job. There is hardly any identity outside your job and your family. Then you have to support your kid going through stage 1 of the process. Many people get old in crossing this 2nd stage.

The third stage remains unaddressed throughout the first 2 stages. The challenges and demands of first 2 stages hardly allow you to devote any time to put some active efforts for the stage 3. There are some people in society who had not had any access to education and other facilities. So they directly started searching for their identity, creating their identity and in the process they became hugely successful. We hear many such stories about such people - severe poverty to super rich transition. Further there are some people who directly enter 3 rd stage after crossing 1st stage e g Obama, Dr Abhay Bang etc. These people also succeed in creating their identity.

So my hypothesis in short is that earlier we target the third stage, more are the chances of succeeding in it. We need to start thinking beyond ourselves in the earlier stages of life. Earlier we do that better are the chances of creating an 'Identity' in the society.


Kirti said...

I also want to enter in satege3 it is realy inspire me.Thank you.

Smita said...

Very thoughtful!!..sure everyone can agree with you.But sometimes its not always possible to create your 'Identity' in extraordinary ways! Obama or Dr. Bang are extraordinary people..They have succeeded coz they had vision and right opportunities.
Its also true that while fulfilling the demands of ordinary life expectations, you can create your own impression in many ways.. See, You tend to remember the best teacher in your life,and not remember the Nobel prize winner of each field.That teacher has sure enough has left footprint in your mind!Though that teacher might not have taken the conscious effort to reach to the third stage...but in your mind that teacher has reached there already!Just wanted to say that in routine everyday life, while earning money or raising kids there is a chance to reach the third stage!!At least for us being a doctor, there are plenty of opportunities...Right?