Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tony Robbins:

Decision -> standards -> belief -> massive action

What you focus on, you find that. If you focus on people not caring about you, you being unlucky, you will find many events and reasons to find that it is true. If you focus on being lovable and lucky, you will find many events and reasons to find that it is true. What you focus on , you find and get it. Most of the times we focus on such things subconsciously or unconsciously. We need to change that and consciously focus on things we want to focus on.Second is decision and choices.We always have a choice and make decision.

1) We always have a choice - whether to just survive or to live life. Once we choose to live, we can start enjoying and appreciating the delicacies of life.

2) Once a choice is made, second step is decision. We need to decide what will we change or do to live life fully.

3) Once decision is made, we need to raise our standards and not compromise on that. You need to believe in the decision to maintain and continue with standards. You need to expand or change the limiting beliefs. If you decide to become millionaire but you have a belief that it is not possible then you won't be able to maintain the standards.

4) Next step is implementation and action. 

If there is no visible change in action then it means decision is not powerful.

Positive thinking does not help. Positive massive action does.

Education and schooling asks us to be disciplined and be silent , don't talk etc. That makes us passive. Business requires opposite characters - pro activeness, go getter, disruptive innovation, talkative and communicative.

Commit yourself to outstanding standard better than excellence not good or poor or average at all.

Exercise muscle and it will develop. Exercise confidence, standard, attitude and it will develop. Exercise 'feel good'. Emotion starts with motion. You can make yourself feel good and you have to do that. It changes everything.

Conditioning - driving - on phone -take direction which might be opposite because of conditioning. Similarly condition yourself for being positive, happy, confident, peak state, feel good.

Feeling is governed with
1) Physiology and motion,
2) Language and self dialogue,
3) Your focus and belief system.

What stops you from getting what you want - fear. successful people have stress not fear.

Question you ask yourself is very important. If you ask negative question, you will get negative answers. If you ask why I am not good, you will get many answers. If you ask how you can make yourself better, whole focus changes. To change focus ask different questions.

Clarity is most powerful weapon. If you are clear about your goal, your brain helps you get there. Clarity will need purpose. why question helps you get clarity. Purpose drives.

Perception - whatever you perceive is going to be true. Perception can make you feel euphoric or depressive about the same thing.

Physiology - Physiology can change perception.


Right Posture
Right Internal Dialogue
Right Dress & Presentation
Compliment and boost other's confidence
Fake it till you make it.
I like myself feeling is very important for self esteem. Feelings govern actions. You can control feelings by changing the focus.

All actions are governed by decision.
Decision - positive , enthusiasm, energetic , successful - quality of person you want to be - this then governs actions. live life at highest levels. Circumstances and conditions do not decide your destiny. Decisions decide destiny.
Decision is different from wishlist and preferences. Decision is no option.

Decisions - actions - analysis - correction to achieve - result. Don't focus on process , be flexible and focus on result. Decision -> result. Don't focus on decision - process - result. be flexible with process not result.

Pain and pleasure influence your behavior, decision and action. Pain and pleasure is driven mostly by perceptions. If you are not taking action then you are associating more pain than pleasure for it. Change the perception to pleasure over and over to govern actions. Change the false neuro association connections of pain in the past.

Belief governs decisions, actions, body. Belief is most powerful. Change bad belief - 1) use pain pleasure association 2) create doubt - ask questions. If you question anything many times, doubt arises.Use it for bad belief and avoid them for good belief. Good belief if used becomes conviction. Take action - it is feeder to belief.  

Change happens in an instance. Change needs support of pain - pleasure association support. First believe that change can happen. We are responsible for change not some one else. Dis-empowering beliefs hinder decisions. Change is must and urgent.  

Goals are always there. many times they might not be conscious goals. But i do not have goals is not true. Ur subconscious goals might be pay bill, feel good, earn money. Goals - disappointments in past make you not set your real goals. Believe and create compelling future and goals. Have goals for different areas of life. Have absolute faith in goals. 

Pain pleasure principle is linked with action - inaction. Actions lead sometimes to criticism, failure or rejection. It results in pain. Our mind associates actions with pain. It prefers inaction over action. We need to train our mind that inaction leading to no result is more painful than action leading to rejection, criticism and failure. Action is life and we are born to live life, take actions. Without actions there is no meaning to life and existence. Fear of criticism, failure or rejection should not govern your actions and life. Meditation helps in dealing with criticism, failure or rejection. It connects you with your true self and God. You start taking action without fear and enjoy the gift called life.

Belief becomes reality . Belief affects thinking.Thinking affects feelings. Feelings affect physiology - body and posture. Thinking, feeling and physiology affect action. Actions affects success and reality. Belief gets its required support from thinking, feeling, physiology, action to affect success and reality

Belief is something which our subconscious mind trusts in. Belief can be modified. Doubt bad beliefs. Reinforce good beliefs.

Faith is something which our conscious mind trusts in. 

Criticism : No matter what you do people are going to judge you, evaluate you and criticize you. They will have positive opinion, negative opinion or neutral opinion based on their perception, experiences and preconceptions. Criticism comes from jealousy or ignorance. In no case criticism should stop or affect you from being you. Because no matter what you do there will be criticism and evaluation. Best practice is to be true to yourself. 

Negative words - Hope try but should would could

Positive words - Do, make, and, will, now, can /can't, choose,  want
absolutely, definitely, certainly, obviously, naturally, sure, of course, no doubt

Do it now.  Next 24 hrs will not come back. Invest properly.  They are very precious

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