Saturday, August 31, 2013


God is an entity where you deposit your positivity, energy, faith, inner strength. Whenever you feel low, you go back to this entity to withdraw some of the positivity and energy to fight against difficult circumstances. It is like a bank. Many people deposit their inner strength at this entity. Not everyone is capable enough to believe in thy self and store all this energy which can do anything if used appropriately. So they store this energy in God. When saints say God and I God are the same they mean to say that it is my inner strength and potential which manifests in God. God is nothing but my positive emotions and strength stored in an entity. Everything is within me. Since I doubt myself, I cannot believe that I can do anything. So I store this inner potential in God. I believe that God can do anything. 

Since it is very tough to believe in thy self, we create God and put trust and faith in him. Plus there is a factor of luck which is not in our hands so we pray or hope that things will be alright with God’s grace.

In reality finally everything boils down to how much you try and do. You need to believe in yourself – inner potential or God (your inner potential stored in external entity) and try your best. Rest is luck and destiny.

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